Yanie Mohd Zaki's

B-Bluers on our "Planning Campaign"

hyeeee uoollllssss!!!
eheh! senyum smpi telingeeeee pulak..

cik noniey rase sgt gumbira rini..
sbbnye dah setel present utk kami punye 
"Planning on Breastfeeding Campaign"
relieved sgt2 =)

lg excited bile dpt tau kami punye gred for 
presentation td dpt A pacak.. 
so Alhamdulillah syukur..
sbb Allah dah permudah segalanya..

klu nak review balik..huishhhh....penatttttt.
dari awal sem smpi sekarang kami bg 100% 
of our effort to this project n skrg rase sgt2 berbaloi dgn
 ape yg kami dah buat with that gred..

mane taknye, tiap2 minggu ade discussion,
sampai kul 2,3 pg lak tu,
interview org, cri maklumat,
bina soalan, buat data spss

so, nk say thank's a lot to B-Blue team..
jennifer,may,nina,cassy,ian,paris n yen-yen
thank's 4 ur time,idea,effort n wht so ever..
 juzz keep it up with our final report..

 let's review our sweet memory along this planning campaign~


1st meeting 

doing proposal  

our big family


disscussion smpi kul 2,3 pg..balik jalan kaki d temani anjing2 usm =)

release 10tion..watching nasi lemak 2.0.only me malay in that panggung

during our KII, interview one of our key informant

wif prof. Ramli n Dr. Khor after presenting our Planning on
 "Breastfeeding Campaign"

jennifer n may not with us coz they need to attend another class

bunch of smiles!!

with diva2,Qamar from depression group n Yus from servical cancer group


with Dr. Ming

seyesly, i had a great time wif da b-bluers..
its really2 a hard time but its fun rite??

also want to say sorry if i had done anything wrong or
offend anyone during this project

n hope dat we can co-operate again
in next3 project!

thanks again!! luv ya!
(singing our song)
i feel gudd...tadadadada!!

nota kaki lima : will misz our time together!

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